Monday, June 24, 2019

Review: To Resist a Scandalous Rogue (Once Upon A Scandal #2) by Liana De la Rosa

To Resist a Scandalous Rogue


For Finlay Swinton, Viscount Firthwell and only son of a powerful earl, life has been a lark…until he discovers a terrible family secret that could ruin him. Determined to make a name for himself free of scandal’s shadow, he runs for Parliament. However, he encounters Charlotte, the mysterious woman who disappeared after their one night together, and he finds it impossible to stay away, despite her working class status and Jewish faith that threaten to destroy his chance for success.

Widowed, penniless, and desperate, Charlotte Taylor secures a teaching position at a foundling home and relaxes into a predictable existence. That is, until Finlay, the man she shared one romantic night with, reappears, a specter from her past. He ignites her passion, even while he threatens the precarious foundation on which she’s rebuilt her life. But when those from her past return to endanger her hard-earned security, she’ll have to reveal his secret or go to prison.


I really enjoyed reading this historical fiction. When two people from opposite sides of the society meet and sparks fly. They will face many hurdles before they can even imagine being together. But the hearts want what the hearts want and they don't much care for society's rules. It's a very well-written book and I think that all the characters are great. Oddly, I liked Lady Flora more than two main characters. I wonder if we will get to read her story or not. In any case, I loved this book and I think it's a must read for historical fiction fans.
Finlay wants to focus on his political aspirations but he can't get one woman out of his head. He met her one year ago by chance and it seems that she had stolen his heart. Not that he is aware of this fact. Now, he meets her after a year and it's like no time has passed. He is still attracted to her and needs to get her out of his system or he might end up killing his carrier before it has even started.
Charlotte has made her bed, so to speak, and she is happy with her situation. At least, she isn't living on the streets trying to avoid starvation. What she can't afford is an affair with Finlay. As much as she loves him, she must think of the consequences. Thus, she plans to keep her distance but will it even be a possibility for her? The chemistry between them is explosive and they both know that society's rules and norms are unjust. Then how are they supposed to follow them?
Things get out of hand when Charlotte's past collides with her present. Scandal might become inevitable and what will happen to them then?
It's a really good story and I'd definitely recommend it to all fans of historical fiction. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley.

Review: Drakon's Knight by N.J. Walters

Drakon's Knight


Drakon Jericho Drake, the child of a pure-blood dragon and human, has a simple plan: Kill the leader of the Knights of the Dragon and start a war. Except, when he meets his target, Karina Azarov, she can’t remember who she is. Worst of all––he can’t kill her. His dragon side has just claimed the dangerous woman as his mate.

Karina has no idea why these Drakon’s have taken her to their home. And she most certainly does not understand why she’s so drawn to her captor. Maybe because he’s strong, intelligent, and caring, in his enigmatic sort of way. One thing she knows, he’s not going to hurt her. If only she could remember something from her past that would explain why these Drakon’s hate her so much.

But if her memory returns, mated or not, he may get his war.. And one of them will die.


It's a very thrilling and romantic story. I quite enjoyed reading it. There wasn't a dull moment in this book. A story about Drakons and Knights, a tale that is both gripping and highly entertaining. This was an interesting take on shifters paranormal fiction. I think after a long time I've come across something this original. I really enjoyed the background stories that revolve around the main characters. I loved how well it ended. All in all, it's a must-read for anyone who enjoys a good romance and isn't afraid of little action.
Karina is feeling very uncomfortable lately. She feels as if someone else is controlling her actions but for now she can't do anything about it. She plans to make some kind of move soon, however, she doesn't get that chance when Drakons kidnap her. Now she doesn't have a choice but to do as they say or else they might kill her.
Jericho's plan was simple and straightforward. They were supposed to kill the leader of the Knights of the Dragons thus giving a fatal blow to the organization. But he is attracted to Karina and finds himself incapable of killing her. So, instead they kidnap her. He still plans to destroy the Knights but maybe they can use Karina for information. There is only one problem though, she doesn't seem to have any memory of her wrongdoings or the organization she is the head of.
Soon, they will all realize that things are not quite as simple as they thought. One thing is for sure though, Jericho and Karina has an undeniable connection and there isn't much wither of them can do about it.
I think it's a very well-written story. I found it to be an entertaining read and would definitely recommend it to my friends.
P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Review: How to Best a Marquess (Raven Club Book 2) by Tina Gabrielle

How to Best a Marquess (Raven Club Book 2)


Lady Ellie Swift learned at an early age that men were more trouble than they’re worth. Now she’s all grown up and is the toast of society. Only she has secret ambitions to run her brother’s infamous gambling establishment—the Raven Club. Everything is progressing as planned until the man who broke her heart, Hugh Vere, the Marquess of Deveril, wants to take over the club. Dark, dominant, and strikingly handsome, Hugh’s reputation for sin precedes him, and suddenly, her dreams—and her heart—are in jeopardy.
As rakish as Hugh appears, he has a sharp mind for business. No one stands in the way of what he wants, not even the fiery-haired beauty from his past. From the moment he sees her again sparks fly, but he knows better than to fall for the lady. According to Ellie, the battle lines have been drawn and Hugh doesn’t stand a chance. But the nearly combustible chemistry between them is hard to ignore, and soon the club is not the only prize he wants…
Each book in the Raven Club series is STANDALONE:
* How to Tempt an Earl
* How to Best a Marquess


Another amazing historical romance, it's somewhat predictable but in no way boring. The story is great and I loved the characters. I think anyone who loves historical romance would also love this book.
Ellie wants to run her brother's gambling establishment now that he has decided to give it up. He is too focused on his new family and doesn't want added excitement that the establishment brings. What Ellie doesn't know is that her brother plans to sell it. Not only that but he plans to sell it to the Marquess of Deveril. A man who broke her heart many years ago. She claims she is over him but still she has hard time forgetting or forgiving him. Now he is back and wants to buy her establishment.
After some convincing her brother decides that Ellie and Hugh should compete with each other. Whoever brings new more profitable ideas to the table wins the club. They both have one month, a month they will be spending in each other's company. As both plan their strategies and work in the club. They are both good and they are both passionate about it. It won't be easy to win against each other.
The trouble is that Ellie is also involved in something else. Something more dangerous that might cause problems for her down the road. But that is the least of her worries because the more time she spends in close proximity to the Marquess the more they both realize that they aren't over each other. Not yet, maybe they never will be. But is there any way for them to have a future together?
It's a well-written story that I enjoyed reading. The little mystery and a lot of romance, I'd definitely recommend it to historical fiction fans.
P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Review: Bunker Boy by Jordan Elizabeth

Bunker Boy


All Zara wanted to do was pass her Spanish final and graduate high school, but suddenly she’s waking up in an unknown hospital. The east coast is destroyed and she’s one of the few survivors. The government has assigned her to Outpost Eight, an abandoned Catskills resort converted into a fortress. Not only does Zara have to come to terms with the loss of everything she’s ever known, but the leader of Outpost Eight marries her to his son.

Cliff Andrews is too quiet and afraid of everything, especially his father. There’s much more to the situation than he’s telling Zara. Nothing feels right about Outpost Eight and Zara questions what really happened to Cliff’s first wife.

Everyone else might be willing to blindly follow the leader’s laws, but not Zara. She won’t stop until she knows the truth about Outpost Eight.


Wow, it's such an emotional read and so well-written. I couldn't put it down once I started reading it. The story gave me the chills and also made me happy that it ended well. I really enjoyed reading it and once again I'm in awe of the characters and the their tale, so beautifully woven that it makes you feel their fears, annoyance and relief. I loved every single minute of it and would recommend it to all book lovers.

Zara is a teenager whose only concern is to graduate from high school and go to a good college. Until one day she wakes up and finds out that the world as she knows it is gone. It seems that humanity has digressed to middle ages, where women have no voice and no rights. She is grieving the loss of her family and fears for her survival. Amidst all the sadness she meet her 'Bunker Boy.' At least, he is kind to her. His name is Cliff and he is going to be her husband in this chaotic new world.

To Zara, something feels off about this world. She is not satisfied by the explanation she has received. She must find her own answers. As she begin to investigate things start to unravel and the truth is far more cruel than the fabrications she had been told. Will she be able to save herself and the others or are they all doomed in this existence?

It's a must read novel. The story and the characters are all amazing and the best thing is that it's a quick read. I love it when I can read a book in one sitting. ;)