Monday, November 11, 2019

Review: A Rake's Rebellion by Cynthia Breeding

A Rake's Rebellion (Rake Trilogy, #3)


After a night of debauchery, Lord Barclay wakes up to find a woman in his bed. That's not unusual, but this one is fully clothed. When she tells him they are married, he is instantly cold sober and looking for a way out.

Miss Sarah Vincent, an orphan raised in an American convent, didn’t ask for this marriage. She’ll be damned if it’s in name only. But seducing a man? However, will she do that?! Good thing her friend lent her a copy of The Kama Sutra….

Brice starts to wonder what has come over his young wife. She’s suddenly taking charge of him, and their house, and no longer the timid woman he assumed her to be.

Despite his aversion to this marriage he’s starting to want his wife…in every way possible.


It's an interesting and well written historical romance novel and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The beginning is the most interesting part and it just draws the readers in and keeps them intrigued. I also loved the characters and I think that the ending was no less amazing. The pacing of the story is perfect and it has all the right ingredients; romance, humor, characters that grow with the story, and strong writing. I'd definitely recommend it to historical fiction fans.

Sarah is an American raised in a convent. She isn't ready for a life in London but circumstances have forced her to do so. Unfortunately, she now finds herself married to a man who doesn't desire her and doesn't like the idea of marriage at all. She herself isn't sure about what she wants but one thing is clear, she has no choice in the matter so she must make her marriage work. It may not be as bad as she fears after all.

Brice has never imagined himself to be married. Yet, he finds himself married to a woman he knows nothing about. There is no way he will cause the said woman any harm so he decides to stay married but on his terms. What he didn't expect were the complications that arise from their arrangement. Now, he is feeling things he wasn't supposed to feel. Does their marriage stand a chance or are they doomed to get hurt anyway?

Overall, it's a good story and an entertaining read. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley.

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Friday, November 08, 2019

Review: The Secret Diamond Sisters by Michelle Madow

The Secret Diamond Sisters: The Complete Series


This box set includes all three books in The Secret Diamond Sisters trilogy by USA Today bestselling author Michelle Madow and is over 1,000 pages of romance, scandal, and twists!

Three long lost heiresses. One hot summer. Lots of ridiculously sexy (and ridiculously rich) guys. What could go wrong?

When Peyton, Courtney, and Savannah Diamond are sent to live with their long lost father, their lives go from glum to glamorous overnight. Because their father is THE Adrian Diamond. Billionaire owner of the most luxurious hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

Savannah thinks Vegas is a fairy tale come true. But is bad boy Damien actually interested in her, or is she just another toy for him to play with?

Courtney wants to lay low and keep her nose where it belongs—in an SAT prep book. But will her attraction for her future step-brother bring more attention to her than she can handle?

Peyton wants nothing to do with her father. But she wants everything to do with her sexy new bodyguard, Jackson. Except Jackson’s way older than she is. And he’s forbidden from dating her, since he works for her father.

The sisters are in WAY over their heads. And they’re forgetting one important rule:

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... but that doesn't matter when you live there ;)


Book One

This story revolves around three sisters who suddenly find themselves in Vegas. Their lives are turned upside down thanks to family circumstances. Now, they must learn to survive among rich snobbish teenagers. This is mostly just teenage drama. Who likes who and why? Who is with whom and what is going to happen to their relationship? Overall, it's fun to read. the story is told from various character's points of view. I loved most of the characters and the flow of the story is also good. But sometimes drama can be a bit much. And it's not over yet because this is only the first book in a trilogy. let's find out what else Vegas has instore for Diamond sisters.

Book Two

This continuation from book one. The story gets more interesting and I enjoyed all the twists and turns along the way. There were some secrets revealed but many things are yet to unravel. I can't wait to read book three and find out what happens next.

Book Three

An interesting conclusion to an interesting series. I enjoyed reading this trilogy. All the characters are amazing and the story has enough twists and turns to keep things exciting. If you enjoy stories with a lot of girly drama then this is definitely a must-read for you.

P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Monday, November 04, 2019

Promo: The Prospect of Rebel Rage MC by Addy Archer

The Prospect of Rebel Rage MC


As a prospect of Rebel Rage MC, Linc’s assignment was simple: take care of the woman who was kidnapped. Easy… except for the riot of emotions she stirs within him.
Harper is broken and has the scars—inside and out—to prove it, but the love of a headstrong, protective biker might be just what she needs to heal.
While Linc and Harper dare to explore their developing feelings, danger lurks within the shadows, waiting to drag Harper back into the torment she barely survived the last time. Linc will risk it all to make sure that never happens, but will it be enough?
Escape into the world of Rebel Rage MC, where laws don’t apply, loyalty is everything, and love is worth fighting for.
The President is book one of the Rebel Rage MC trilogy, which will continue in The Vice President and conclude in The Prospect.

Universal links Rebel Rage MC Trilogy


Addy Archer is a contemporary and romantic suspense writer who loves rough bikers twisted with a hint of romance and sassy women. She currently has one complete series: Rebel Rage MC. When she isn’t working hard on her next book, she enjoys long walks with her dog, traveling, and reading.